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SRG can provide virtually any service pertaining to energy efficiency and building science. The following list contains our most sought-after offerings. If your specific energy efficiency needs are not on this list, do not hesitate contact us for a consultation.

For the facility owner or manager:

It is not possible to be all places at all times. If you want to run the most sustainable, efficient and profitable facilities, SRG can provide the critical energy intelligence you need to keep your sites at the very peak of operational efficiency. If your energy bills are hurting the bottom line, SRG can help.

  • All levels of ASHRAE energy audits.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Operation cost assessments.
  • Energy modeling.
  • Scoping, pricing, and project management.
  • Owner’s representation.

For our industrial and institutional clients:

Operating an industrial or institutional portfolio can be an exercise in competing priorities. Trying to manage new rules, high energy bills, and the flood of new tech being peddled by predatory salespeople is an unneccessary distraction. Worse, taking on extra payroll obligations to manage energy hurts the bottom line. Let SRG be your trusted advisor and consultant when it becomes too much. We have the right people and experience to get you out of those meetings and back to running your shop.


For ESCO, MEP, and utility customers:

There is a lot of work to be done in the built environment, is your company ready to go after it? SRG can help you find those good energy projects and get them built. From cradle to grave, SRG will provide virtually every service you need to develop and execute energy efficiency projects.

If your company needs help entering this exciting and rapidly expanding marketplace, SRG can provide business development resources for: