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Silver Bullets (and Other Energy Efficiency Myths and Magic)


Energy efficiency is big business. Trying to figure out what works and what does not is a tough job...even for the professionals. Confused by all the technobabble and pushy sales tactics? We can help!


verybody uses energy. Everybody wants to use less energy. The marketplace is full of people who will sell you products and services to make that happen. But not everyone who sells efficiency products, services, or solutions is being completely honest all of the time. Join a veteran “Efficiency Guy” (and all-around curmudgeon), and his old man, (one of the founding fathers of the modern energy efficiency industry), as they crack the code on a young industry full of expensive widgets and intimidating science. Chuckle along as they disassemble the most common, most egregious, most pernicious energy myths and magic out there.

This was written with the real-world energy user in mind. You won’t need an engineering degree to get through this book; just a little bit of high-school algebra and a whole lot of cynicism. By the time you are done, you will have the information and tools you need to make real-world engineering decisions when it comes to your energy use. Not to mention everything you will need to go toe-to-toe with the most tenacious sales reps in the field!


xplore the most egregious myths, junk science, and bad sales practices of the energy efficiency industry. The most misapplied energy efficiency devices and strategies get disassembled to find out where they went wrong and how they can be fixed; and the tricks of the salesman are exposed and evaluated.


his is not a textbook on energy. This light-hearted and minimally technical book takes ANYONE who has to worry about energy costs and turns them into a cynical, informed, and perhaps a little more smug consumer in the highly competitive and rapidly growing marketplace of energy efficiency products and services.



ndrew Vaillencourt is a veteran energy efficiency consultant and project developer. After a decade of deflecting salespeople with bad products, and insulating defenseless clients from junk science; he has decided to put down all his favorite bad ideas into a book. You can also read his new blog to get real-time updates on what is going right and what is going wrong in the industry!


hen he is not railing against the iniquities of a predatory marketplace, Andrew is an avid reader, hiker, martial artist, cook, and weightlifter. His wife swears he is a nice guy, but this has not been confirmed by any outside sources. His three children actively refute this.

For Harold, who taught me to pick fights.

For Mom, who taught me it was OK to pick fights.

For John, who taught me to enjoy picking fights.

For Dad, who taught me how to win the fights.

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